International Students Bureau (ISB)

1- About ISB

    ٭ Within the framework of the general strategic vision of Cairo University, which calls for paying attention to international students and providing them with varied forms of care, the University Council approved of establishing the International Students Care Bureau (ISB) on 28/3/2007. In so doing, Cairo University, as its wont, will take the lead in Egypt and the Arab world for attracting the qualified international students and enhancing international relations in the field of education and research.٭ In this respect, an office has been allocated for receiving international students in the Cairo University – based Arab Council Building which entails a historical characteristic.

     The strategic vision of the ISB lies in keeping the position of Cairo University as a grand Arab university and increasing its competitive edge at the regional and international levels. This vision definitely sparks off an improvement in the educational process and upgrading the levels of its professors, students and administrative structure.

     The ISB is careful to keep the image of Cairo University as an international university by providing varied services for international students and facilitating their enrollment procedures. Likewise, the ISB, markets the distinguished and diverse academic programs provided by the university in Arabic and other languages. It is also keen on buttressing means of cooperation and communication between Cairo University and other different academic world institutions.

2- ISB main objectives

 - Keeping the image of Cairo University as an international Egyptian University.

 - Providing information on all academic programs of the different University

   faculties and their respective admission requirements.

- Facilitating and following up the enrollment and graduation procedures of students    

  inside the University.

- Disseminating the culture of the importance of international students and the care

  given to them inside the University and among teaching staff, administrative and

  International students who are already enrolled in the University.

- Providing International students with all care inside the University.

      - Helping International students solve their problems related to study or 

        accommodation inside and outside the University.


 3- ISB activities

 1- Contacting international agencies, including the USAID and Fulbright Association

     in order to make collaboration with the distinguished International Universities and

     activate agreements and student exchange with them.

 2- Contacting the Egyptian cultural representation bureaus all over the world to

     activate academic cooperation and student exchange.

 3- Cementing means of cultural and academic cooperation with the cultural

     representation bureaus of other countries in Egypt.

 4- Contacting all concerned administrations inside the University to facilitate and

     orientate the procedures of receiving the documents of International students;

     speeding up the measures for revising these documents; and issuing admission

     decrees and graduation certificates.

  5- Providing orientation for the varied (curative – cultural – entertainment) services  available for students inside the university.

   6- Allocating well-equipped accommodation for international students.

   7- Organizing receptions for fresh international students to make them aware of the

       University and encourage cultural dialogue with different nationalities.

   8- Setting an integrated electronic system which clarifies the objectives and activities   of the ISB, as well as replying to the inquiries of students via university website.


4- ISB Administration

Dr    Dr. Dalia Khalil

Executive Director


Ms. Amal Salama

Administrative Affairs

Ms. Walaa Abdel Mon'eim

Administrative Affairs